En el IRTRA- La Tierra del Sí Se Puede vuelve la FELICIDAR al Teatro Fantasía

At IRTRA: The Land of Yes We Can, Happiness Returns to Fantasy Theater

Guatemala, Walking through Mundo Petapa Park, a faint music can be heard coming from Fantasy Theater, causing its visitors to quickly become excited and venture to discover the mysterious sound of musical notes.

The music begins to rise, inviting each of its visitors to approach and start the theatrical production that the cast has carried out with so much effort and dedication. With the aim of motivating Guatemalans that in a not too distant land, extraordinary things can happen if each of its inhabitants performs their duties in an extraordinary way and gives the “extra mile.”

This musical work reinforces, through various senses, the values on which the institution was created, based on its culture, the emotion it conveys, courage, and strength. It refers to each of its viewers that in this land, our beautiful Guatemala, things can be done right; we can make our country a better place through effort, dedication, and commitment. You can enjoy it on Saturdays and Sundays at 2, 3, and 4 p.m.

“For some time, we have been looking for ways to spread happiness to our theater cast, and we have managed to share and build our relationship since we resumed our activities in all parks because they are also part of our IRTRA family,” comments Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi, President of the Recreation Institute for Private Enterprise Workers – IRTRA. “Therefore, it fills us with joy and pride to present the new song ‘Canción del Sí Se Puede,’ which seeks to capture our IRTRA CULTURE to the general population, and we hope that all Guatemalans feel identified.”

The Recreation Institute for Private Enterprise Workers of Guatemala – IRTRA welcomes the last months of 2021 through this exciting melody, providing joy and a new sense of happiness and motivation to its visitors and all Guatemalans.

Interview with Monsieur Periné

Interview with Monsieur Periné.

Interview By Michael Mofu | Life Music TV Latin America

The Colombian band Monsieur Periné is preparing their third album and they say goodbye to their album “Caja de Música”, the success that took them to the Grammy.

The band Monsieur Periné is very grateful to their second album “Caja de Música” for making them one of the Latin American bands of the moment, winning the “Best New Artist” award at the Latin Grammys and receiving the nomination for “Album of the Year.” anus”.
In addition, the work, which Eduardo Cabra produced, Visitante de Calle 13, which was also nominated in the “Best Latin/Alternative Rock Album” category at the Grammys.

The cycle of your second album “Caja de Música” comes to a close. How do you feel after all this? What did you like most about the album?
Santiago Prieto: It has been something very, very incredible what has happened to the history of this band, especially with this second album “Caja de Música”, because this album opened many doors for us, starting, let’s say, with the issue of the Grammy. That in one sense opens media doors, very important job opportunities, but on the other hand it opened the doors to musical exploration, how to change and know that we can reinvent ourselves. That was what this album “Caja de Música” taught us.

It seems like their album “Caja de Música” was released yesterday, however, almost 3 years have passed. Are they from reviewing it, what did they do before? Do they start criticizing records or old songs?
Santiago Prieto: We hardly listen to our records. That is to say; The records are like old photos. To say, when you show your ID or ID card that’s when you come out with a not-so-cool version, it gives me that feeling a bit.

Although this album that we are making, which will be released in a couple of months, will not be like that because we are more comfortable with what we have done.

The process of the album has gone from less to more and let’s say that it has had a cooking time a little slower, a little more calmly and things are coming better. Well, we don’t start criticizing, it’s rather laughing and remembering each song, each recording.

What do you feel is changing or improving between one album and the next?
Santiago Prieto: This is the new album we are making, which is the third. It is already a more mature version of Monsieur Periné, it is an evolution. Let’s say how to reinvent ourselves. All of this has to do with our experiences that we had been accumulating through this career that has involved a lot of traveling outwards, getting to know other worlds and also getting to know each other personally.

That has been the moment of great evolution, where the voices with which we are participating in this project are flourishing with a clearer identity and a more adult essence in a certain way. I think that is reflected in the music that we are about to release.

It is clear that the participation of Visitante de Calle 13 – Eduardo Cabra is very important for this new album that you are about to release. What do you think of his work on the album and the day-to-day life with the band?
Santiago Prieto: Eduardo Cabra Martínez. He is a super important person for the project. A person in charge of harmonizing and balancing the energy of the team, he of course brings a vision of music and production that is based on the human being in the sense of teamwork, of harmonizing and listening to all voices.

Eduardo is in charge of building all the music, all that feeling. He is like a coach, he is a key piece for this work of making records.

Finally, what’s coming in the future? What can we expect from this new album?
Santiago Prieto: Well, in the future there is this new album that will be released at the end of March or April. The idea is to come out with this album and start showing it wherever it takes us with this music. We have every intention that it will open many doors for us or at least that is what we want with this album.

We hope to have another level of a certain musical form. More than all that, we want a more robust show, to be able to play in other places, to be able to reach more people and to be able to take this music to other places and for people to reach it and receive it in a good way.

Exclusive Interview In Guatemala For Diario El Siglo and Diario Al Día.

Lorelei McBroom in Guatemala

Lorelei McBroom in Guatemala

For months, Guatemalans have been eagerly awaiting the Symphonic Tribute to Pink Floyd, in which Lorelei McBroom, original backing vocalist of the British band and the virtuosic Orquesta O la Pop under the direction of Gabriel Gil, will participate. This great concert will be held at La Ermita de la Santa Cruz in the city of Antigua Guatemala at 8:00 p.m., tomorrow, Saturday the 19th, and is a production by the renowned promoter BA Productions.

The participating musicians will be Alfredo Quezada, Álvaro Reyes, Luis Recinos, Laura Castaño, Elda González, Rosario Vásquez, Wálter Flores, Sergio Díaz, Luis Ovalle and Ana Amaya on violins. On the violas Iunuhe by Gandarias, Mynor Alvarado, Ángel Pérez and Lucía Revolorio. On the cellos Kenneth Vásquez, Héctor Pirir and Alejandra Reyes. On double basses Adán Figueroa and Jorge Urrutia. On French horns Ludwig Vásquez and Christian Escobar.

On the trumpets Sergio Tzic and Silver García, on the trumpet Carlos Real, on the tuba Sergio Pacache, on the flutes Gaby Corleto, on the oboe Fielding Roldán, on the English horn Carlos Galdámez, on the clarinets Axel Sánchez and the bassoon Wilver Villacinda . And on percussions Danny Bartolomín, Fernando Díaz and Raúl de León. Lorelei McBroom commented on her Twitter account how excited she is to come to Guatemala and participate in the tribute with a top-level orchestra.

About Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd was a British rock band, considered a cultural icon of the 20th century and one of the most influential bands in the history of music, which gained great popularity thanks to its psychedelic music that evolved into progressive rock over time. . He is known for his philosophical songs, sonic experimentation, innovative album covers, and elaborate live shows. Its sales exceed more than 300 million albums sold worldwide, 97.5 of them in the United States alone.

Pink Floyd began with great success in the London underground scene in the late 1960s. The group

recorded many pink floydalbums during this time that became major hits such as TheDarkSide of the Moon (1973), WishYouWereHere (1975), Animals (1977) and The Wall (1979). In November 2014, The Endless River, the band’s latest studio album, was released, largely containing material recorded during TheDivision Bell’s recording sessions between 1993 and 1994.

Guatemalan musician stands out in the US

Guatemalan musician stands out in the US

The bassist provides second vocals for the groups The Gitas and The Feal

Salvador Ramazzini Alias ​​Uty is a formidable Guatemalan musician. He currently plays bass and does second vocals in two American bands: The Gitas and The Feal. He resides in the United States where he emigrated to fulfill his dreams. “I have been in the USA for 4 years, I moved in September 2012 to be able to continue my career as a professional musician,” he indicated. Furthermore, he tells us that he has “had the opportunity to collaborate with several artists from different parts of the world, including King Queen, Sullen Waves, Andrea Sandoval and even with my countrywoman Stefanie Zelaya.”
He studied at the Musicians Institute, where Guatemalans with excellent careers such as Fernando Martín and our pride in the Latin Grammys Gaby Moreno have emerged. At his young age he already had the opportunity to play in legendary venues such as The Viper Room, House of Blues, Whiskey a Go Go, The Troubadour, Granada Theatre, and several more. The band originally from Los Angeles, California, The Gitas, is preparing for the release of its first LP titled “Beverly Kills,” which will be on sale starting in January 2017.

The group tasted success with the video for their single “Mood for love”, which they released in December 2014, and it became the first in Russia. “The Gitas” is made up of: Sasha Cheremov on vocals and guitar, Brittany Maccarello on drums and Guatemalan Sal Ramazzini on bass.

Christmas concert to benefit Volunteer Firefighters

Christmas concert to benefit Volunteer Firefighters

The direction will be by the Guatemalan artist Mónica Sarmientos

The National Symphony Orchestra, of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, announces the celebration of its first Christmas Concert 2016. This will be held at the Germán Alcántara National Conservatory of Music, on November 17, at 7:30 p.m. to benefit Company 50 of Volunteer Firefighters. Admission will be Q50.

Attendees will be able to delight in the spectacular repertoire that the musicians have prepared for this opportunity. “A Christmas Festival,” by Leroy Anderson; “Son Nochebuena”, by Salvador Iriarte; “Carol of the Bells,” by Mycola Leontovich; “March”, by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky; “Frosty The Snowman”, by Walter Rollins and Steve Nelson, as well as “Sleigh Ride”, by Leroy Anderson.

The concert will be directed by the outstanding violinist, singer and actress Mónica Sarmientos. She will also perform as a soloist in the pieces “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane; “Rudolph, The Red Nose Reindeer,” by Robert May and Johnny Marks; “Silent Night”, by Franz Gruber, and “The Boy with the Drum”, by an unknown author. This last melody will have a new arrangement by Maestro Sergio Pacaché.

Intecap Fashion Runway 2016

Intecap Fashion Runway 2016

A total of 78 participants appeared on the catwalk

T he Technical Institute of Training and Productivity (INTECAP), through the Technology Workshop of the Clothing and Textiles Industry of the Guatemala 1 Training Center, held the Fashion Runway for the fourth consecutive time. An event in which the exponents, who have been trained at INTECAP, show off the knowledge acquired in the textile industry. The catwalk took place at IRTRA Mundo Petapa in Plaza Mi Barrio, located in zone 12.

Those who attended were able to see more than 70 designs from the fall-winter 2017-2018 collection, which encompass an urban, modern, vintage style that radiates glamour, femininity and elegance.

With this presentation, the capacity and knowledge acquired by the participants in the career of Industrial Design Technician of clothing and dressmaker from the different INTECAP Training Centers were demonstrated.

“It becomes a platform for entrepreneurs in the textile sector to discover the talent that INTECAP generates with the training provided, and allows young people to acquire self-confidence and the certainty that everything they set their minds to can be achieved with effort.” and dedication” mentioned Nora Oliveros, Head of the Textile Workshop, INTECAP.

On November 2 and 3 at the Guatemala 1 Training Center, Ciudad de Plata II, zone 7, free seminars were held for people interested in topics related to the textile sector and the offline Illustration and in-person Illustration contests.

The trends: Ambient Garden, Boho Blues, Stripe-Happy, Girl-Fire, Green Machine, Wild-Ocean, Orenage-Slice, Pink-Violet, Sage-Garden, Surf-Gypsy, Urban-Decay, seek to stand out through the textures feminine beauty, many inspired by military costumes, Art Deco, handicrafts, textiles and fabrics of our Guatemalan culture.

The names of some of the collections presented were: Noche de Antaño, Libre Movimiento, Renacer, Guatemala’s Stripesstyle and Movimiento en Líneas.

In 2005, the Government of the Republic of Korea, through its International Cooperation Agency (KOICa), provided the Government of Guatemala with valuable financial support of $1,000 for the execution of the Clothing and Textiles Technology Workshop.


The Guatemalan group Somni presents their first single

Dead Star is the name of Somni’s first single and video, a song that will be part of his new album material. The audiovisual was filmed in the facilities of the Railway Museum, directed by Juan Luis and David Arrivillaga.

On October 31, Somni officially presented Dead Star, material that received good reviews from Guatemalans. The production of the video included the collaboration of Daniel and Carlos Álvarez, Kelvin Pineda, Miriam Saraccinni, Pedro Gálvez and Marcela Prera.

Somni is a Guatemalan alternative rock group, it is made up of Juan Luis Arrivillaga -vocals and guitar-, Fernando Sierra -drums-, Pablo Aguilar -guitar, and Víctor Valenzuela -bass-. You can listen to more of them through Spotify and Deezer.