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At IRTRA: The Land of Yes We Can, Happiness Returns to Fantasy Theater

En el IRTRA- La Tierra del Sí Se Puede vuelve la FELICIDAR al Teatro Fantasía

Guatemala, Walking through Mundo Petapa Park, a faint music can be heard coming from Fantasy Theater, causing its visitors to quickly become excited and venture to discover the mysterious sound of musical notes.

The music begins to rise, inviting each of its visitors to approach and start the theatrical production that the cast has carried out with so much effort and dedication. With the aim of motivating Guatemalans that in a not too distant land, extraordinary things can happen if each of its inhabitants performs their duties in an extraordinary way and gives the “extra mile.”

This musical work reinforces, through various senses, the values on which the institution was created, based on its culture, the emotion it conveys, courage, and strength. It refers to each of its viewers that in this land, our beautiful Guatemala, things can be done right; we can make our country a better place through effort, dedication, and commitment. You can enjoy it on Saturdays and Sundays at 2, 3, and 4 p.m.

“For some time, we have been looking for ways to spread happiness to our theater cast, and we have managed to share and build our relationship since we resumed our activities in all parks because they are also part of our IRTRA family,” comments Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi, President of the Recreation Institute for Private Enterprise Workers – IRTRA. “Therefore, it fills us with joy and pride to present the new song ‘Canción del Sí Se Puede,’ which seeks to capture our IRTRA CULTURE to the general population, and we hope that all Guatemalans feel identified.”

The Recreation Institute for Private Enterprise Workers of Guatemala – IRTRA welcomes the last months of 2021 through this exciting melody, providing joy and a new sense of happiness and motivation to its visitors and all Guatemalans.

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