Come and get tangled up in the new adventure that Xejuyup has for you

Come and get tangled up in the new adventure that Xejuyup has for you

The Recreation Institute for Private Enterprise Workers of Guatemala (IRTRA) is known for its constant innovation, providing quality attractions and fun for Guatemalans, and this summer is no exception.

Yesterday, on Sunday, April 10th, Xejuyup opened the doors to its new attraction, the Tangled Castle, where all family members will enjoy an unparalleled ride while always maintaining all necessary safety measures for visitors.

This attraction stands out from the others because it features individual 4-seat cars where spins can be enjoyed by both adults and children, as the minimum height to enter is 1.20 meters.

“The fun never stops at Xejuyup; undoubtedly, seeing the excitement of the little ones being able to ride and enjoy the journey with their parents brings us joy,” commented Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi, President of IRTRA. “We are starting the summer in the best way; this attraction brings excitement and joy to our visitors. That’s why we invite you to come and enjoy everything that Xejuyup has for this season of fun and warmth,” he added.

The entire ride can be completed in 3 minutes and 20 seconds, and every second is filled with excitement and adrenaline. The Tangled Castle is made of lightweight but high-security materials, making the journey in its carriages completely attractive.