The Guatemalan group Somni presents their first single

Dead Star is the name of Somni’s first single and video, a song that will be part of his new album material. The audiovisual was filmed in the facilities of the Railway Museum, directed by Juan Luis and David Arrivillaga.

On October 31, Somni officially presented Dead Star, material that received good reviews from Guatemalans. The production of the video included the collaboration of Daniel and Carlos Álvarez, Kelvin Pineda, Miriam Saraccinni, Pedro Gálvez and Marcela Prera.

Somni is a Guatemalan alternative rock group, it is made up of Juan Luis Arrivillaga -vocals and guitar-, Fernando Sierra -drums-, Pablo Aguilar -guitar, and Víctor Valenzuela -bass-. You can listen to more of them through Spotify and Deezer.