The Alley of Flowers awaits you in Xetulul

The Plaza España has been renovated and now offers new entertainment and traditional cuisine tasting options.

On December 22, the representative area of Spain within the Xetulul park was inaugurated after its renovation. In this new area, the Recreation Institute of Private Enterprise Workers of Guatemala (IRTRA) offers new options to its visitors. The old alley has been renamed La Calleja de las Flores, where the Churrería de las Callejas has been set up, and a modern tapas bar has been designed.

La Churrería de las Callejas will offer the delicious and renowned churros it has always offered in Plaza Chapina, along with chocolate, coffee, tea, and crepes. The tapas bar will offer the traditional Spanish wine glass, called chato, as well as tapas and boards of cheeses and hams, croquettes, and Spanish omelettes. Additionally, for the comfort of visitors, both establishments are air-conditioned.

The Xetulul amusement park offers magic and fun for the whole family with its impressive attractions and thrilling electromechanical games, as well as spectacular roving shows and the fantastic Magic Show of the Grand Theater of France. It also features a wide variety of restaurants.

The design of Xetulul is based on an architectural setting that showcases the origin and history of Guatemala, as well as various European countries that have influenced Guatemalan culture, integrating nine squares: Plaza Chapina, Pueblo Guatemalteco, Plaza Maya, Plaza España, Plaza Italia, Plaza Francia, Plaza Alemania-Suiza, Plaza Pueblo Caribeño, and Plaza Pueblo Fantasía.

“IRTRA has been characterized by the continuous effort it makes to maintain the optimal level of maintenance and operation of its infrastructure, which is why it has carried out various renovations over time, with the aim of offering first-class facilities to all its visitors,” said Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi, President of the Board of Directors of the Recreation Institute of Private Enterprise Workers of Guatemala – IRTRA.

The construction area of the tapas bar and La Churrería de las Callejas occupies a total of 230.36 m2, distributed over 2 levels. La Churrería de las Callejas is located on the first level, and the tapas bar is on the second level. La Calle de las Flores has 220.05 m2.

The Recreation Institute of Private Enterprise Workers of Guatemala – IRTRA – has been the creator of an unparalleled world of happiness for 60 years, where all Guatemalans can enjoy unique and joy-filled family moments, showing that Guatemala can transform into the prosperous land that all Guatemalans deserve; The Land of Yes We Can.”