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Traveler Tips: Best Times to Visit Guatemala for Different Experiences

Traveler Tips- Best Times to Visit Guatemala for Different Experiences

The travel landscape of the beautiful and eclectic country that is Guatamala is diverse beyond compare. Planning to navigate this country is a thrilling, captivating and exciting adventure on its own, with many tourists outsourcing their planning to agencies, for example, this travel company offers a great many selections of trips and tours for travelers to choose from and maximize the thrill of their Guatemalan trip.

Located in Central America, Guatemala is nestled between Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Belize. With openings on either end to the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, it is known for its relatively warm and tropical climate. Depending on what you’d like to experience, it’s good to take note of the weather and seasons in Guatemala so that you can plan your trip accordingly.
Going Outdoors: The Dry Season
People say that the best time to visit Guatemala is between November and April, as this is their dry season and tourists can make the most of their dry days by visiting many of the beautiful cities and towns within Guatemala. The perk of going in the dry season is obvious, very few wet days. This is especially useful for tourists looking to spend a lot of time outside.

If you are looking to explore the Caribbean Sea side of the country of Guatemala, like visiting the beautiful and tranquil Puerto Barrios for an adventure on the beach, then it makes sense to take advantage of the November – April dry spell with temperatures reaching between 72°F and 90°F, making it ideal weather to lounge around the beach drinking their famous ‘Gallo’ beer. The months of March and April are the hottest, so take that into account. For a moment though, picture sunbathing and dipping into the Caribbean Sea while sipping on a cold beer – this is Puerto Barrios.

Should you be planning a city trip, for example, visiting the famous city of Antigua where you can get lost in the winding streets that lead you from a cultural and historical sight with every turn in the road, then going during the dry seasons mentioned above is also advantageous. Don’t forget, this is a tropical country, so the heat there, even in the slightly cooler months of December and January can still be intense for tourists. Spending hours walking through the city, entering museums, churches and other culturally important spots takes a considerable amount of energy. So even if you plan on staying indoors most of the time, it’s still good to go when you’re not getting drenched in the rain.

Staying Indoors: The Wet Season
Guatemala is known for receiving more rain during May – October. The general rainfall during this period is between 40 – 80 inches of rain, however, if you move to the east toward the Caribbean Sea, there is often double this amount of rain and the eastern part of the country often experiences strong rain storms which results in floods. It is not an ideal time for tourists to go visit unless they plan on truly staying indoors more, which is indeed possible in a country as diverse as Guatemala.

This country is known for its beautiful forestry, in which retreats have been set up. The Guatemalans are known for leading a healthy, wholesome and holistic lifestyle, which they offer any travelers who sign up for one of the many forest retreats on offer. These often include hours of meditation and yoga practices, foraging in the forest for food with locals who can advise you and keep you safe and endless indoor spa and jacuzzi facilities. Making for an ideal way to spend months in Guatemala without letting the idea of rain get in the way.

Consider Visiting Guatemala
A country rich in history, natural beauty and cultural sights, this is a place that everyone must visit once in their lifetime. Whether to bathe in the sunshine, spend hours walking through the bustling streets of the cities or put on some trekking boots and scale the forest and mountains – this country has something thrilling for everyone.

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